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Wedding catering Sydney offers some of the best selections in their menu for you to choose from. You have the widest assortment of great tasting and delectable food ideal for your wedding banquet:

  • Spit Roast and BuffetThere are plenty of buffet and party selections for this category. You can choose roast beef party for your banquet theme with menus like slow roasted and sumptuous yearling beef with smoking hot gourmet gravy. Have a combination of beef and chicken with the addition of roast chicken pieces, fresh salads and butter squares or bread rolls.
  • Finger Food PartyYou have the choice to design and pick the selections to include in your cocktail party. Most of the food in this menu is frozen fresh and food preparation is guaranteed quick and fast. In fact, these could be conveniently heated in the oven and they are all good to go such as meat balls and drumsticks.
  • DessertsGourmet desserts are provided for your wedding banquet with some of the most mouth-watering sweets and desserts. Some of the best gourmet selections include miniature Pavlova which is a creamy and rich meringue generously loaded with toppings including fresh creams and fruits like passion fruit, mango, strawberry and blueberries. The desserts are expertly prepared and plated perfect for the most special day in your life.
  • PlattersThis is a budget friendly option for your wedding banquet where you could get a wide array of different food selections included in the platter menu. You have two choices as to what you think would best suit your wedding banquet theme. There are cold and hot platter menus which could certainly give you tons of choices and options from appetizers to main entrée and desserts.
  • Event CateringSpecial events deserve special and sumptuous banquet to share with family and friends. Wedding event catering gives you different options to choose from. Value Buffet Menu is one of the sought after selections to choose from. You could get high quality food choices for cost effective and budget friendly menus.
  • Special ExtrasSelect the food you want to add to your wedding menu from nibbles, savouries, hot finger food, cold meat, Italian lasagne, fruit and cheese platter. You can also add fried rice to your buffet menu or roast chicken pieces with veggies and salad at the side. Vegetable lovers would also enjoy the different vegetable selections which you could avail per tray.