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Find the best wedding catering Melbourne menus perfect for your wedding banquet. There are various options you could choose from with delectable food choices and the most budget-friendly rates.

  • Spit Roast and BuffetHave the spit roast theme for your wedding buffet with tons of choices for your menu. You could an international hot buffet selection with three different piping hot dishes complete with fried rice. There are different food choices in the lot including curried prawns, BBQ pork, curried chicken, Singapore noodles and satay beef. Prawns with lime and Thai sweet chili, beef stroganoff and sweet and sour pork are also in the menu.
  • Finger Food PartiesFinger food menus are best for your wedding banquet. Your selection could range from appetisers to main entrée to desserts. Wedding cocktail parties are definitely great options for your reception with different menu packages to choose from. Choose extra packs for the little extras of your finger food. There are silver serving trays and napkins included in the services with sauces and dips of your choice.
  • DessertsGive your special day an added sweet and savoury with the wide selection of desserts to choose from. The Sticky Date Pudding is one of the most recommended and traditional classic dessert. The sticky date pudding is delectably smothered with fresh dates and caramel sauce on the top. Another fruity sweet treat is the passion fruit cheesecake. This freshly styled cheesecake is made with biscuit and coconut bottom with passion fruit sauce topping.
  • PlattersThe Cold Platters is definitely a great way of cost effectively solving your wedding catering concerns. There are various food selections in the menu with additional extras such as napkins, toothpicks, sauces and different packaging for all types of catering. There are different Cold Platter selections such as sandwich, sushi, cold meats, satay and vegetables.
  • Event CateringWedding event catering is definitely for those who want a reception solution with the best quality menus and economical packages. Fabulous catering for special events and occasions would certainly make your wedding a special day to enjoy. Birthdays and engagements are also available.
  • Special ExtrasThe best thing about this menu selection is that you can add extras to your wedding banquet package. Choose an Italian inspired extra for your banquet such as the Italian lasagne selection. This is a home-made Italian specialty which could certainly match your European or Italian themed wedding reception with guaranteed sumptuous taste.