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Find the best wedding catering Adelaide services to make your wedding banquet perfectly special. There are various menu lists you could choose from.

  • Spit Roast and BuffetThis is a diversified category where you can find the widest array of food and menu selections. You could choose from beef, lamb, pork and chicken party, all-you-can-eat BBQ party, international hot buffet, beef and pork smorgasbord, surf and turf buffet and special cold buffet.
  • Finger Food PartyStart your wedding banquet right with the best selection of piping hot finger food for appetizers and teasers. There are various menus you can choose from including meat balls, cheese sticks and different types of cheeses, drumsticks and so much more.
  • DessertsTreat your palate with the sweetest dessert selections perfect for a special wedding event. There are various sweets and desserts to choose from including lemon meringue and a wide array of cheesecake variation. Sumptuous cakes and baked goods are prepared gourmet style with oozing toppings and fresh fruit sauces.
  • PlattersMake a choice with the right platter option perfect for your wedding reception. You can choose from Hot or Cold Platter treats. The Hot platter menu is a diversified selection of risotto bites, sausage rolls, pizzas, cocktail quiche, fish cocktails, prawn spring rolls and sticks. Cold Platter includes bread treats, fruit platters and fruit kebabs, cheese and dips, cookies and cream and dips and chips.
  • Event CateringMake sure your wedding banquet is filled with delectable menus to share from appetizers to main entrée to desserts all in one fabulous event catering package. There are wedding menus to choose from with different themes you want to incorporate in the event. You can choose from spit roast and buffet to desserts, platters, special extras and finger food party.
  • Special ExtrasThis is an exciting menu list with a smorgasbord of additional foodies and choices from appetizers to sweet treats. The Nibbles group is inclusive of the all-you-can-eat cheese, biscuits and peanuts, cabanossi and dips. You can also choose the meat and spinach spicy finger food and other selections including mini chicken drumsticks and meat balls.